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ATCC’s Collection of Plant Pathogenic Fungi

Row of bright, green plants with small leaves in a row, some out of focus.

Plant Health 2023

Denver, Colorado, United States

August 14, 2023


As a leading developer and supplier of authenticated biological materials, ATCC provides the scientific community with access to an expansive collection of credible materials needed to support research and development applications. ATCC has more than thirty thousand fungal strains encompassing over 1,850 different genera that can be utilized in various industrial applications. We have also recently initiated a project to further characterize the utility of our mycology collection by providing in-depth whole-genome sequencing data. 

Our mycology portfolio contains more than 1,400 species of fungal and oomycete plant pathogens encompassing 340 genera, many of which are reference strains that can be use as plant pathogen standards. We also have fungi with reported activities across a wide range of commercially important areas such as biocontrol and plant growth promotion. Plant pathogen standards serve as reference strains for comparing and standardizing experimental research or diagnostic assays.

Developing plant pathogen standards involves a comprehensive process that includes isolation, authentication, characterization, quality control, long-term preservation, and distribution. This poster highlights the diversity and importance of our collection of plant pathogenic fungi and oomycetes and provides examples of its use as a valuable resource for the scientific community.

Download the poster to learn about the diversity and importance of the ATCC fungal plant pathogen collection



Shahin Ali, PhD

Shahin Ali, PhD

Senior Scientist, Collections, ATCC

Dr. Ali is a Senior Scientist at ATCC with over 13 years of experience in the field of fungal biology and plant-pathogen interactions. Before joining ATCC, Dr. Ali worked for the USDA-ARS at Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, Maryland. He obtained his PhD from University College Dublin, Ireland.

White gloved-fingers holding a string of small vials containing green media with wells and petri dishes with plants on a table.

Plant Disease Research and Diagnostics

While ATCC is primarily known for its vast collection of bacteria, viruses, and cell lines, it also houses a substantial number of plant pathogen cultures. ATCC's plant pathogen culture collection serves as a valuable resource for researchers, educators, and industry professionals engaged in plant pathology and agricultural research. By providing authenticated and well-characterized cultures, ATCC contributes to the development of plant pathogen standards that are necessary for diagnostic accuracy and reliability to effectively manage plant diseases, facilitate safe trade, foster research and development, and protect public health and the environment. 

Explore our collection of the major pathogens of corn, soybean, wheat, cotton, grape, almond, potato, strawberries, rice, apple, pistachios, sorghum, orange, tomato, sugar beet, blueberries, and APHIS-regulated invasive species to support your plant pathogen disease research & diagnostics.

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