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Development and Evaluation of Standards for Virome Research

Round, floating, blue  H1N1 influenza viruses covered in long protruding stems.

ASM Microbe 2018

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

June 07, 2018


Though there is an abundance of studies, applications, and publications on the human bacterial microbiome, there are a limited number of reagents and publications focused specifically on the “virome”. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has enabled virus sequencing on a large scale at an affordable cost. However, the complexities involved in the NGS methodology and the diversity of viral genomes pose a significant challenge to assay standardization. Therefore, there is a critical need for standardized reference materials across the research and diagnostics communities to serve as controls in assay development. To support this need, we are developing a viral panel comprising both quantified virus and virus nucleic acids prepared from diverse RNA and DNA virus families.

Download the poster to explore the development and validation of NGS Standards for virome research.