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Quantitative Genomic DNAs for Oncology Molecular Diagnostics

Blue floating rods, including one section cut out to show a red double helix inside.

AMP Annual Meeting

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

November 16, 2017


Molecular tests are becoming more widely used in clinical care, especially in screening, diagnosing, and monitoring certain cancers. By detecting biomarkers relevant for personalized treatment, molecular diagnostics are increasingly relied upon to direct appropriate therapies for individual patients. To ensure the reliability and reproducibility of oncology molecular diagnostic test results, controls with known mutational allelic frequency and gene copy number variation are required. The development of standardized genomic DNA products that have been purified from characterized authenticated cell lines and contain quantified molecular genetic markers provide a reliable and sustainable alternative to variable patient tissue derived controls.

Download the poster to explore the development and standardization of genomic DNA with quantified molecular genetic markers.