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Mesenchymal Stem Cells Immortalized by hTERT and their Use in Models for Wound Healing and Angiogenesis

Green and blue mesenchymal IPS stem cells.

ISSCR 2015

Stockholm, Sweden

June 24, 2015


In this study, we characterize the functionality of an hTERT immortalized adipose tissue-derived MSC cell line (hTERT-MSC) and its use in two co-culturing applications: wound healing and angiogenesis. We confirmed that primary keratinocytes and an hTERT-immortalized keratinocyte cell line are able to fully differentiate into skin equivalents in an air-liquid interface 3-D culture model when co-cultured with hTERT-MSCs. We also established an in vitro angiogenesis co-culture model system using TeloHAEC-GFP and hTERT-MSCs. The model can form tubules in less than 7 days and responds effectively to VEGF stimulation and drug treatments. The co-culture models developed by using hTERT-MSCs in this report provide a more consistent and robust in vitro co-culture system for studying wound healing and vascular biology for drug screening and tissue engineering.

Download the poster to explore the use of hTERT-MSCs as models for wound healing and angiogenesis.