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Plant Viruses

Row of bright, green plants with small leaves in a row, some out of focus.

Explore our plant virus strains to grow your research of plant pathogens

Viruses are a common cause of plant disease and are responsible for extensive losses in crop production. In the case of cash crops such as potatoes, citrus, rice, tomatoes, lettuce, and tobacco, plant viruses have led to a disruption in supplies and global costs estimated at more than $30 billion a year

Since microbiologists began studying plant virology following the discovery of the first plant virus, the Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), more than 1,000 diverse species have been identified. Traditional plant virology research performed with infectious agents uncovers how viruses spread between hosts and studies the mechanisms of pathogenicity.

Today, the study of plant diseases (phytopathology) spans a variety of biomedical disciplines, from the use of plant viruses in nanotechnology to their use in vaccine development

To support this incredible field of research, ATCC provides a range of plant viruses, related antisera, and molecular clones. Explore how these reference materials can assist you in your research today.

Patch of clover with white flowers and one purple flower in a hilly meadow with bright blue sky.

Plant disease research

As the global population continues to rise, food security becomes more important. However, plant diseases threaten the quality and production of food and may create significant health concerns for consumers.

Partner with ATCC as a resource for your plant virus research to discover how we can protect these valuable resources together.

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Plant Viruses

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