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Drug-resistant Protozoa

Green, dumpling-shaped Trichomoniasis parasite with tails.

Clinically relevant drug-resistant protozoa are the key to progress

Stealthy pathogenic protists have found ingenious ways to evade the drugs used to treat them. As these drug-resistant protozoa continue to threaten global health, scientists strive to move forward in the daunting challenge of eradicating them. 

ATCC supports these efforts by providing researchers with clinically relevant drug-resistant parasitic protozoan strains and related reference materials. We offer a variety of resources, including ATCC vector-borne parasitic protozoan strains and ATCC metronidazole-resistant parasitic protozoa strains.

Explore these resources below to help you start your drug-resistant protozoa research.

Drug-resistant Protozoa

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