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Media Testing

Petri dishes filled with bright-colored cells and media in different line and spot patterns.

Media testing ensures your results are reproducible

Because microbiological research and testing has the potential to affect public health and safety through subsequent translational studies or the distribution of medications, it is essential that data is accurate and reproducible. Therefore, it is imperative that the microbiological media used undergoes rigorous quality control testing to evaluate its sterility and ability to promote growth prior to its use.

To support this need, ATCC provides a variety of microbial quality control strains for use in routine media sterility and growth promotion testing. Each strain is fully authenticated and characterized to ensure accurate identification and is handled using meticulous protocols to ensure the highest quality. Explore our collection today!

Blue mycoplasma cells.

Mycoplasma testing

Ensuring your cell culture is healthy is critical when propagating viruses and other intracellular pathogens. Don’t let mycoplasma contamination of your culture media compromise the quality of your research materials or the credibility of your data.

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