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Material Inactivation

Infectious materials must be inactivated prior to use in assays or development work. Inactivation requires specialized technologies, skills, and suites. It is a risky process that requires a significant infrastructure (e.g., BSL level lab space, clean rooms, certifications, etc.). We are one of very few providers in the world to provide this service. Our services in this area include:

  • Material inactivation (Bacteria/Virus)
    • Formalin (bacteria), BPL (Virus)
    • Heat
    • Solvent/Detergent
    • Other chemical treatments
  • QC testing/sample analysis
    • Viability assessment (reduction in agent titer)
      • Titer methods
      • Growth/no-growth methods
      • Viral quantitative assays
    • Antigenicity assessment (conservation of immunoreactivity)
    • Conservation of reactivity in molecular assay

Deliverables: Heat inactivated materials as specified in the statement of work.