Microbiological Quality Control

Commercial firms look to ATCC to provide top-quality, fully characterized strains necessary to maintain the highest levels of product integrity and reputation.

Microbial Quality Control Strains

Repeated subculturing can be detrimental to quality control. Each passage carries the potential for contamination, drift, and mutation, taking your culture further and further from the parental genotype and phenotype. ATCC provides top-quality microbial reference materials to maintain outstanding quality control programs.

ATCC cultures are meticulously characterized and preserved to maintain quality control strains in a manner that permits reproducibility of results across time and among laboratories around the world. With ATCC Genuine Cultures®, customers can rely on:

  • Polyphasic identification and strain characterization
  • Proprietary systems for managing strain stocks
  • Meticulous propagation, preservation, and storage protocols
  • Robust quality systems

Whenever possible, ATCC balances traditional biochemical testing methods with automated phenotypic and genotypic analyses. This provides highly accurate identification across a wide array of microorganisms, and can help avoid the pitfalls of misidentification, painful recalls, and regulatory repercussions. Each vial contains a minimal passage descendant of the original material and has been handled only by ATCC.

Come to the source for ATCC Genuine Cultures® for your laboratory's microbiological quality control needs. To learn more, check out our resources below!

Food Testing

The validity of any microbial-based assay is dependent upon minimally passaged, fully characterized control organisms. ATCC reference strains are an essential component of quality control testing procedures and process validation, and serve as relevant tools in the research and development of new methods for testing food.

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Pharmaceutical and Personal Care

Pharmaceutical companies and consumer product manufacturers are well versed in the important role of microbiological testing in product research and development, process validation, manufacturing, and quality control. To help ensure the safety of pharmaceutical products and cosmetics, as well as the efficacy of disinfectants, ATCC offers a wide variety of quality control strains.

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Media Testing

As many culture-based procedures analyze products for microbial growth, it is essential that the quality control of the associated culture media is upheld using authenticated microbial control strains. ATCC provides various microbiological strains for use in routine media sterility and growth promotion testing, MIC assays, and the analysis of selective/differential media.

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