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ATCC® Minis - QC Microorganisms

  • Issatchenkia orientalis Kudrjanzev (ATCC® 6258-MINI-PACK)

    ATCC® Number: 6258-MINI-PACK

    Deposited As Candida krusei (Castellani) Berkhout
    Alternate State: Pichia kudriavzevii Boidin et al., teleomorph; Endomyces krusei Castellani, teleomorph; Candida acidothermophilum Masuda et al., anamorph; Candida ethanothermophilum Masuda et al., anamorph
    Designation: [ATCC 749, CBS 573, CCRC 20514, IFO 1064, IFO 1395, JCM 1609, NRRL Y-413, NRRL Y-7179]
    Product Format: frozen
    6 ready-to-use vials of ATCC® 6258™ in glycerol stock

    For-Profit:   $229.00 Non-Profit:   $194.65

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    Esterase activity
    RAPD profiles
    This organism is a CLSI control strain for antimicrobial susceptibility testing.
    The current name of Candida krusei and Issatchenkia orientalis is Pichia kudriavzevii Boidin et al.
    Type Strain: yes
    Biological Safety Level: 1
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