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Are HUVEC, HUV-EC-C and HUVEC-CS all the same cells?

Human umbilical vein endothelial cells, termed HUVEC (ATCC® PCS-100-010 ™), are primary cells that are distributed by ATCC as part of the Primary Cell Solutions™ cell offerings. These cultures are 'primary', in the truest sense; meaning, they have been preserved after only 1 to 3 passages from the initial source material.

ATCC® CRL-1730, HUV-EC-C ™, and ATCC® CRL-2873 ™, HUVEC-CS, on the other hand are considered 'established' cell lines used as models for the study of endothelial cells; while each has a finite life expectancy, they are by no means considered 'primary' and are typically distributed at, or greater than, passage 14.

Date Created07/17/2012 07:12 PM
Date Updated03/27/2014 08:39 PM

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