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Microbiome Research Solutions

Although there is already a wealth of information on the human microbiome, much is still unknown. As scientists begin to move toward the next wave of methods, such as metatranscriptomics and metabolomics, research will be challenged with managing burgeoning data sets and parsing information into meaningful insights through translational research.

Optimization at each step of the analytical process via authenticated standards then becomes essential to the validity and reproducibility of scientific outcomes. That’s why ATCC is committed to providing the authenticated microbiome standards and data analysis solutions needed to produce reliable and reproducible data. Browse our page to discover how you can raise the standards of your microbiome research.

What are ATCC® Microbiome Standards

The complexities involved in 16S rRNA community profiling and shotgun metagenomics methods pose significant challenges for microbiome research. Significant biases can be introduced at each stage of the microbiome workflow, affecting data interpretation and reproducibility.

Microbiome flow

ATCC® Microbiome Standards provide a solution to this problem. From sample collection to data analysis, ATCC® Microbiome Standards enable you to optimize your diverse research applications with confidence and improve the consistency and reproducibility of your data run after run.

  • Gram stain
  • GC content
  • Genome size
  • Spore formation
  • DNA/RNA genome
  • Envelope
  • Genome shape
  • ITS variability
  • Clinical relevance
  • Diagnostic relevance
  • Aerobic/anaerobic
  • Ability to lyse

What’s more, these standards are the only reference materials on the market completely manufactured from high-quality ATCC® Genuine Cultures that are characterized by polyphasic testing. These standards enable the optimization of metagenomics workflows and microbiome research applications, providing reliable comparative data while improving assay consistency.

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Assay Standardization

ATCC® Microbiome Standards support a broad array of applications ranging from method optimization to data interpretation, and they serve as superior controls for microbial community testing and assay development on any platform. By using ATCC® Microbiome Standards in your research, you can compare the performance and overall accuracy of your methods and ensure the validity of your results.

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Human Microbiome Research

The microbiome plays a vital role in human health and disease, particularly with regard to immunomodulation, metabolic regulation, and protection against pathogenic strains. A better understanding of how these communities interact with the human body is essential for understanding the effects of dysbiosis on physiology and for developing targeted therapies. As part of our commitment to providing advanced biological models, ATCC has created a variety of microbiome standards comprising genetically diverse and clinically relevant strains that support site-specific studies, research on the virome or mycobiome, or pathogen detection.

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Environmental Microbiome Research

Microorganisms play an essential role in shaping our ecosystem. By understanding the mechanisms that enable their survival under extreme conditions and how microorganisms interact with the environment, we are offered powerful tools for biotechnology and agriculture.

To support research on environmental microbiomes, ATCC partnered with the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities Metagenomics Research Group (ABRF-MGRG) to develop metagenomics reference standards comprising genomic DNA prepared from bacterial and archaeal species found in various environments. These standards are ideal tools for assay development or as a daily run control for molecular diagnostics.

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Disease State Microbiome

Can’t find the pre-mixed microbiome standards that you need for your disease-state research? ATCC has a wide assortment of cultures and nucleic acids to choose from when validating microbiome applications, such as library preparation and next-generation sequencing, including individual strains related to: 

Respiratory disease

Enteric disease

Sexually transmitted infections

Vector-borne disease

Blood-borne disease

Antimicrobial resistance

Genetic disease

Metabolic disease


Antimicrobial-Resistant Microbes

Antimicrobial resistance affects us all, which is why it is more important than ever to discover the innovative treatment options needed to stop the spread of this global health threat. That’s why ATCC is committed to providing researchers with the extensively characterized priority pathogens needed for drug discovery. Together, we can stop the spread of superbugs.

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