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ATCC Genome Portal

Access and download thousands of reference-quality genomes with a Supporting Membership.

Join us at ASM Microbe 2024

Join us at booth #912 and attend our poster sessions and Industry & Science Showcase to learn about our innovative new products and to get a peek and what’s coming next.

New Patient-derived Organoids

Find your next 3-D model.

Food Production Research

Explore our diverse collection of microbial strains and cell lines to see how we can support food quality testing and the production of alternative proteins, oils and fats, and fermented products.

Resources for Biofuel Research

Download our recent posters presented at SBFC 2024 to learn about our multidimensional approach for evaluating fungal strains for potential biofuel applications.


Immunotherapy development

Explore our fully characterized and authenticated cell lines, human primary cells, and advanced cell models such as our CAR-T target and checkpoint luciferase reporter cells.

Discover advanced cell models

Cancer research

ATCC offers well-characterized cell lines, organoids, primary and hTERT-immortalized cells, iPSCs, and CRISPR/Cas9 genome-edited cells that support oncology drug development.

Explore cancer models

Molecular diagnostics development

Develop and validate your molecular diagnostic assays faster with ready-to-use quantitative genomic and synthetic molecular standards and heat-inactivated preparations.

Find assay development tools


Resources for Recent Outbreaks


For SARS-CoV-2 molecular diagnostics manufacturers moving from EUA to 510(k) premarket submission to FDA, ATCC provides a variety of clinically relevant materials for evaluating limit of detection, inclusivity, and cross-reactivity.

Develop your assay

Monkeypox virus

Accurate and rapid diagnosis of mpox is critical for timely healthcare and tracking of transmission. Support the development and validation of your assays with orthopoxviruses and nucleic acids from ATCC.

Develop your assay

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ATCC (American Type Culture Collection) is a nonprofit, global biological resource center and standards organization and the leading developer and supplier of authenticated cells lines and microorganisms. We leverage our rich history and knowledge to provide the products, services, and resources scientists need to conduct critical life science research.