Protostelium okumukumu Spiegel et al. (ATCC® PRA-156)

Organism: Protostelium okumukumu Spiegel et al.  /  Depositor: FW Spiegel

Strain Designations HI04-37a-1a
Phylogenetic analysis
Biosafety Level 1
plant (Pisonia sp.)
Hawaii, United States
Isolation date: October 23, 2004
Type Strain no
Phylogenetic analysis
Medium Medium 2432: wMY (weak Malt Yeast Extract)
Growth Conditions
strong>Temperature: 15-20.0°C
Growth condition: xenic, with Cryptococcus laurentii ATCC 18803 used as food source
Name of Depositor FW Spiegel
Special Collection eumycetozoan
Geographical Isolation Manuka Natural Area Reserve
Year of Origin October 23, 2004

Olive LS. The Protostelida - a new order of the Mycetoozoa. Mycologia 59: 1-29, 1967.

dead, aerial leaf of Pisonia sp.

Shadwick LL, et al. Eumycetozoa=Amoebozoa?: SSUrDNA phylogeny of protosteloid slime molds and its significance for the amoebozoan supergroup. PLoS ONE 4(8): e6754, 2009.