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Isogenic cell line with RAS mutation

What type of mutation does the KRAS mutant-A375 Isogenic Cell Line (ATCC® CRL-1619IG-1 ™) contain and how was this line created?  

ATCC® CRL-1619IG-1 ™ contains a heterozygous knock-in mutation in KRAS at position c.38G>A, p.G13D generated from the parental A-375 [A375] (ATCC® CRL-1619) cells.  The mutant isogenic line was generated using the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing system followed by single cell isolation and validation.  The A375 melanoma cell line is known to also contain the BRAFV600E mutation which shows sensitivity to BRAF-specific inhibitors.  

Date Created09/28/2017 03:37 PM
Date Updated09/28/2017 03:37 PM

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