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ATCC® HTB-129 Derivative
What does it mean on the ATCC website when it says that a cell line is an HTB-129 derivative?

ATCC advises against the use of the MDA-MB-435S (ATCC® HTB-129) cell line as a model for original source material. Recent studies have generated questions about the origin of the parental cell line, MDA-MB-435, and by extension MDA-MB-435S and its derivatives listed below. Gene expression analysis of the cells produced microarrays in which MDA-MB-435 clustered with cell lines of melanoma origin instead of breast (PubMed IDs: 10700174, 1510101, 15679052).

Additional studies have since corroborated a melanocyte origin of MDA-MB-435, to which ATCC has responded by pursuing its own investigation into the identity of this cell line. The cell line to which MDA-MB-435 is reported to have been cross-contaminated with is the M14 melanoma line (PubMed IDs: 12354931, 17004106).

Derivatives of MDA-MB-435S with identities in question are:


 Designation ATCC® Number
 MDA-kb2 CRL-2713
 M4A4 CRL-2914
 M4A4 GFP CRL-2915
 M4A4 LM3-2 GFP CRL-2916
 M4Af LM3-4 CL16 GFP CRL-2917
 NM2C5 CRL-2918
 NM2C5 GFP CRL-2919
Date Created07/17/2012 07:16 PM
Date Updated07/25/2012 05:23 PM

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