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CD19 expression in Primary CD19+ B Cells (ATCC® PCS-800-018™)

What surrogate marker may be used to report expression of CD19 in these cells?

CD20 is commonly used as a surrogate marker for CD19+ B cell detection and expression in each lot of cells is reported on the Certificate of Analysis. ATCC Primary CD19+ B Cells (ATCC® PCS-800-018) are isolated and purified using positive magnetic selection with anti-CD19 antibodies bound to beads. Binding of the selection antibody precludes subsequent detection of CD19 expression producing a false negative when tested immediately post-thaw (e.g. via flow cytometry). We have not determined whether there are other CD19 antibodies capable of binding to a different epitope allowing detection. After a period of time in culture the beads are released and CD19 will be detectable.

Date Created03/27/2018 07:29 PM
Date Updated03/27/2018 07:30 PM

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