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C2BBe1 [clone of Caco-2] (ATCC® CRL-2102™) culture conditions
What are the optimal conditions for culturing C2BBe1 [clone of Caco-2] (ATCC® CRL-2102 ) cells?

C2BBe1 cells are sensitive to any imbalance in the media pH. If you are using a DMEM medium formulation containing 3.7 g/L sodium bicarbonate, C2BBe1 cells must be incubated in a 95% air; 10% carbon dioxide (CO2) environment . The increased CO2 is necessary when using 3.7 g/L bicarbonate in order for the medium to be buffered properly, or these cells will not attach well. If you use the recommended ATCC DMEM medium (Catalog No. 30-2002) which contains only 1.5 g/L sodium bicarbonate, this medium is formulated for use with 5% CO2. The basal medium should be supplemented with 10% non heat inactivated Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) (ATCC® 30-2020) and 0.01 mg/mL human transferrin (Sigma T-5391). Any floating cells may be viable and should be retained by gentle centrifugation and added back to the adherent population at the time of medium renewal or subculture. 

Date Created11/19/2015 09:30 AM
Date Updated11/19/2015 09:31 AM

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