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ATCC item no. 25285 growth characteristics

What are the growth characteristics of item #25285?

ATCC Item #25285, Bacteroides fragilis, is a fastidious anaerobe.  The growth medium must be freshly prepared and pre-reduced .   This Bacteroides fragilis strain grows in the medium listed oin the product information sheet which is chopped meat broth and agar as well as TSA w/ 5% defibrinated sheep blood.  It is important to maintain strict anaerobic conditions when culturing this organism.  The cysteine and resazurin additives mentioned are important.  Cysteine is added to further reduce the media. Resazurin is a color indicator which ensures anaerobic conditions.  The observance of any pink color in the media (before use or during incubation) indicates that anaerobic conditions have not been met and oxidation has occurred.  If anaerobic conditions are maintained correctly, the broth should become turbid and colonies on agar plates will appear circular, entire, flat, gray and glistening after 24 to 48 hours at 370C.

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