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ATCC CCL-171 cells are not attaching

What should be done if floating ATCC® CCL-171™ cells are not attaching?

The floaters found in ATCC® CCL-171™ cultures should be retained and added back to the culture. After initial seeding, do not discard any floating cells as these are still viable. Retain them by gentle centrifugation (at 125 xg for 5-10 minutes) and add them back to the same flask as the adherent population with fresh media. During medium replenishment, floating cells, if any, should be retained and added back to the adherent population.  This cell line can be slow to recover fully from cryopreservation, just continue to grow the cells using ATCC recommended culture medium until they expand and reach confluence.  CCL-171 cells can take up to 6 days to get to subculture confluence.

Date Created09/28/2020 11:11 PM
Date Updated09/29/2020 08:25 AM

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