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ATCC® CL-101 vs. ATCC® CL-101.1
What is the difference or relationship between ATCC® CL-101 and ATCC® CL-101.1?

ATCC® CL-101.1 was originally deposited to ATCC in support of a patent. Treatment of the parent line ATCC® CL-101 (LLC-PK-1) to obtain the subline ATCC® CL-101.1 (LLC-PK1A) was not disclosed at the time of deposit; nor was that information updated after the patent issued. Likewise the published patent (US Patent 3,904,480) did not describe the establishment of the LLC-PK1A subline.

For more information, please contact the original patent holder.

Date Created07/17/2012 07:15 PM
Date Updated07/25/2012 05:21 PM

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