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Cross-contamination of ATCC® CRL-5802 and ATCC® CRL-5860

If ATCC® CRL-5802 (NCI-H157) and ATCC® CRL-5860 (NCI-H1264) are cross-contaminated cell lines, did the cross-contamination occur before or after deposit to ATCC?

The cross-contamination occurred before these cultures were deposited with ATCC. The seed stocks for CRL-5802 and  CRL-5860 showed similar STR profiles. ATCC® CRL-5802 and ATCC® CRL-5860 were each derived from male patients and were deposited to ATCC 7 years apart. Even though ATCC® CRL-5802 and ATCC® CRL-5860 were initiated in culture by NCI on 5/8/1979 and 11/27/1985, respectively, both dates pre-dated deposit to ATCC.

Date Created07/17/2012 07:14 PM
Date Updated07/25/2012 05:26 PM

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