ATCC Genuine Cultures

ATCC Genuine Cultures LogoATCC Genuine Cultures®: Direct from the Source

The ATCC Genuine Cultures emblem was designed to help scientists identify authentic ATCC microbial strains that come directly from ATCC. ATCC Genuine Cultures are backed by meticulous laboratory procedures and 80 years of experience and represent ATCC's high standards of quality for microbial strains:

  • Full characterization of each strain to establish identity
  • Utilization of a seed stock system to minimize subculturing
  • Careful preservation and storage protocols to maintain the culture safely and effectively

As always, a customer who purchases a genuine culture from ATCC (or an authorized international distributor) is receiving a culture that is a direct, minimal-passage descendant of the original material deposited with ATCC and has been handled only by ATCC. These products are backed by our warranty and covered by our expert technical support.

Don't take chances on the quality of your cultures. Insist on products that meet ATCC's high standards of full characterization and low passage number. ATCC Genuine Cultures are available only from ATCC and our authorized international distributors.

ATCC also introduced a Licensed Derivative program.