ATCC Standards Resource

Many ATCC cultures are specified by standard-setting organizations and government agencies for use in their official assays and tests. Manufacturers of microbial identification systems also specify ATCC microorganisms for the quality testing of instrumentation, kits or reagents.

The ATCC Standard Resource

  • Provides a user-friendly tool for our standards customers to access standards information and facilitate purchase of ATCC materials cited therein
  • Allows virtual bundling of ATCC items cited in widely used and accepted standards and methods
  • Provides "One stop shopping" — for ATCC materials cited in standards

ATCC cultures are meticulously characterized and preserved to maintain these materials in a manner that permits reproducibility of results across time and among laboratories around the world. When you use ATCC Genuine Cultures® in your standard tests, you are getting high-quality biomaterials with low passage numbers.

Our Standards Resource enables you to find these ATCC cultures associated with testing and other protocols by organization or by instrument.