Biorepository Services SM

Our biobanking services are consistent with ATCC's practices for handling & storage of materials entrusted with us since our founding in 1925.

With over 90 years of experience focused solely on biomaterial services & management, we have the expertise to store & distribute biological materials worldwide. ATCC offers secure & reliable biological material management with temperature-controlled supply chain, 24/7 equipment monitoring, & on-call after-hours personnel.

  • Extensive support to customers needing cGMP compliant & non-cGMP Master Cell Banks (MCB) and Working Cell Banks (WCB)
  • Long-term storage of small- or large-scale biomaterials or specimens
  • Flexible storage choices: sample, box, shelf, unit, or rack
  • Managing over 23 million samples
  • Inventory management system to assure biomaterials are properly accounted for at all times

Biorepository ServicesSM

We work with you through all stages of your custom project process, from the initial inquiry, design, and initiation of your project, to the production, characterization, packaging, biobanking, and distribution of your biological materials.

Webinar: Processing of Biospecimens in a Controlled Environment

Biomaterial storage & project management

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Deposit Services

We provide a wide portfolio of deposit services to serve the needs of the scientific community.

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