Non-Enzymatic Cell Dissociation Solution (ATCC® 30-2103)

Product Format 100 mL
Storage Conditions When stored at 2°C to 8°C, the product is stable until the expiration date on the label.
Trypsin is the most commonly used enzyme for harvesting cells in culture. A non-enzymatic approach is needed when non-protein and animal-component free materials are required. ATCC Non-Enzymatic Cell Dissociation Solution is a sterile, phenol-red free solution composed of a proprietary mixture of chelators representing an optimized alternative to protein-digesting enzymes. 
Comments This product is totally free of animal-derived components.
Biosafety Level 1
Quality Control Specifications Lot specific results are available in the Certificate of Analysis, which is available at or by contacting ATCC technical service.




280 to 300 mOsm/kg


Clear solution

Cell testing (Vero)

Rate of proliferation and morphology