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Ag Bio

ATCC has been providing cultures for agricultural research for over 85 years, including fungi and plant virus that affect food crops, as well as seeds and microbial strains used as biological controls. ATCC is devoted to advancing research in the agricultural industry.
Adenovirus, Dr. G. William Gary, Jr., CDC

Agricultural Animal Pathogens

ATCC offers an array of microorganisms, nucleic acids, and cell lines to support research on agricultural animal diseases such as shipping fever and Johne's disease.
Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Janice Hanley Carr. CDC

Biological Control Agents

The ATCC Microbiology collection offers a variety of biological control strains for the suppression of plant pathogens.
Corynespora cassiicola HIL, Dr. Libero Ajello, CDC

Plant Pathogens for Agricultural Biology

ATCC Microbiology holdings include a variety of bacterial and fungal plant pathogens including Rhizobium radiobacter and Verticillium theobromae.
strawberry seed, Janice Carr and Betsy Crane, CDC

Plant Seeds

The ATCC Botany Collection contains over 400 strains of patented seeds, including those from Zea mays, Arabidopsis thaliana, and Helianthus annuus.