Synthetic West Nile Virus RNA (ATCC® VR-3198SD)

Product Format: 1 vial/100 reactions

Strain Synthetic West Nile Virus RNA
Applications The Synthetic West Nile Virus RNA contains single stranded RNA genetic material designed and synthetically created for use as a genetic surrogate for West Nile Virus, known as molecular standards. Molecular standards are appropriate for use as control material in molecular applications, such as PCR.
Biosafety Level 1
Product Format 1 vial/100 reactions
Storage Conditions 8°C or colder

Genetic Target: Fragments from the 5'UTR region, anchored capsid protein C gene, capsid protein C gene, membrane glycoprotein precursor prM gene, envelope protein E gene, nonstructural protein NS1, NS2A, NS3, and NS5 genes, and the 3' UTR region of the West Nile Virus genome

Length: ~1500 bp

Format Provided: Dried RNA  

Starting Amount: 1.1 x 108 Copy Numbers (CN)  

Downstream compatibility: Reverse Transcription PCR or other molecular applications  

Special Collection DNA

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Basic Documentation
  1. Stability of Norovirus and West Nile standards

    Accelerated stability studies at 45oC have been performed on these samples and no degradation was observed.

    Date Updated: 3/27/2014