Tobacco streak virus (ATCC® PVAS-677)

Classification: Ilarvirus  /  Product Format: frozen

Classification Ilarvirus
Agent Tobacco streak virus
Strain WC (White Clover) [Tobacco Streak Ilarvirus Monoclonal Antiserum]
Host plant: Nicotiana tabacum cv.
Plant research
Biosafety Level 1
Product Format frozen
Test animal: mouse
Test method: ELISA
Hybridoma: 74B6-4D9B3
Host plant: Nicotiana tabacum cv. Xanthi
Name of Depositor ATCC

Halk EL, et al. Production of monoclonal antibodies against three ilarviruses and alfalfa mosaic virus and their use in serotyping. Phytopathology 74: 367-372, 1984.

Kaiser WJ, et al. Epidemiology and seed transmission of two tobacco steak virus pathotypes associated with seed increases of legume germ plasm in eastern Washington. Plant Dis. 75: 258-264, 1991.

. . AAB Descriptions of Plant Viruses No. 307: 1985..