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Living Stock Protists

The ATCC Protistology Collection is the only general service collection of taxonomically diverse living stock protists in the United States, and the only large service repository of parasitic protozoa in the world. Cultures are authenticated using morphological and molecular techniques.
Korotnevella monacantholepis


ATCC holdings include genera such as Entamoeba, Acanthamoeba, Hyperamoeba, Hartmannella, and Spongomonas.
Dunaliella tertiolecta


ATCC  holdings include genera such as Prototheca, Chlorella, Chlamydomonas, Polytoma, and Cephaleuros.
Tetrahymena elliotti


ATCC  holdings include genera such as Plasmodium, Toxoplasma, Tetrahymena, Paramecium, Adriamonas, and Goniomonas.
Trepomonas agilis


ATCC  holdings include genera such as Crithidia, Leishmania, Trypanosoma, Leptomonas, Euglena, Naegleria, Trichomonas, and Giardia.
Monosiga gracilis


ATCC holdings include genera such as Sphaerothecum, Encephalitozoon, Nosema, and Salpingoeca.
Cercomonas longicauda


ATCC holdings include genera such as Heteromita, Cercomonas, Thaumatomonas, and Biomyxa.