pBend5 plasmid in E. coli (ATCC® 87123)

Applications: vector containing primer sites useful for sequencing vector for studying DNA-protein interactions  /  Depositors: C Zwieb

Designations pBend5 plasmid in E. coli
Permits and Restrictions

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Depositors C Zwieb
Biosafety Level 1
Vector Information
Size (kb): 3.196
Vector: pBend5 (plasmid)
Promoters: Promoter T7 (phi10)
Construction: pBluescriptSK-
Construct size (kb): 3.196
Features: marker(s): ampR
promoter: T3
promoter: T7 (phi10)
replicon: pMB1
MCS: HindIII...EcoRI
vector containing primer sites useful for sequencing 
vector for studying DNA-protein interactions
Restriction digests of the clone give the following sizes (kb): BglI--1.6, 1.25, 0.30, 0.25; EcoRI/HindIII--2.9, 0.29; XbaI--3.2.
Recommendation for verification: EcoRI+HindIII--2.95, 0.25; BglI--1.9, 1.3; XbaI--3.2.
Target DNA binding sites can be cloned into the vector and an array of fragments can be generated (by restriction digestion with different enzymes) that are equal in length, but differ in the position of the DNA binding site along the fragment.
The reduced mobility of different protein-fragment complexes can then by analyzed by gel electrophoresis to determine the degree of bending induced by protein binding.
One of three vectors (ATCC 87121-87123) designed for studying the amount of bending induced at a DNA binding site due to DNA-protein interactions. The three vectors differ only in the available cloning sites.
Vector constructed from pBend4 (ATCC 87122) by destruction of one of the SalI sites in the polylinker.
Media ATCC® Medium 1227: LB Medium (ATCC medium 1065) with 50 mcg/ml ampicillin
Growth Conditions
Temperature: 37°C

Kim J, et al. Bending of DNA by gene-regulatory proteins: construction and use of a DNA bending vector. Gene 85: 15-23, 1989. PubMed: 2533576

Zwieb C, Adhya SImproved plasmid vectors for the analysis of protein-induced DNA bendingIn: Zwieb C, Adhya SMethods in Molecular Biology, Vol 30: DNA-Protein interactions: Principles and ProtocolsTotowa, NJThe Humana Press, Inc.pp. 281-294, 1994

Shipped freeze-dried
Shipping Information Plasmid in Escherichia coli HB101