SRS for Detecting Protein-Protein Interactions (ATCC® 87639)

Depositors: SJ Elledge

Designations SRS for Detecting Protein-Protein Interactions
Permits and Restrictions

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Depositors SJ Elledge
Biosafety Level 1
Distribution host: Escherichia coli JM107 (ATCC 47014)
Vector Information
Name of vector: pMS-TRP
Intact vector size: 6.828
Type of vector: phagemid
Vector end: EcoRI
Vector end: XhoI
Cloning sites: EcoRI SacI KpnI XhoI SphI
Polylinker sites: EcoRI SacI KpnI XhoI SphI
Other unique sites: HpaI SwaI mLuI NotI BglI MunI BglII
Host range: Saccharomyces cerevisiae; Escherichia coli
Features (with orientation and position when available):
replicon: 2 micron ori
replicon: f1
promoter: GAL, ->
promoter: T7, ->
other: Myristoylation site, ->
epitope tag: 3x hemaglutinin (HA), ->
MCS: EcoRI...SphI, ->
terminator: CYC1, ->
other: lox site
restriction site: NotI
other: lox site
replicon: pMB1
marker(s): ampR, <-
marker(s): TRP1, <-
Cross references:

Aronheim A, et al. Isolation of an AP-1 repressor by a novel method for detecting protein-protein interactions. Mol. Cell. Biol. 17: 3094-3102, 1997. PubMed: 9154808

Brachmann RK, Boeke JD. Tag games in yeast: the two-hybrid system and beyond. Curr. Opin. Biotechnol 8: 561-568, 1997. PubMed: 9353226

Shipped frozen
Shipping Information Distributed: freeze-dried