JH-2 [G3-3] (ATCC® 65710)

Organism: Homo sapiens, human  /  Clone Type: Clone  /  Depositors: H Donis-Keller, JR Howe

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Designations JH-2 [G3-3]
Species Homo sapiens, human
Depositors H Donis-Keller, JR Howe
Construct size (kb): 52.0
DNA: genomic
Insert lengths(kb): 22.79999923706055
Gene product: retinol-binding protein 3, interstitial(retinol-binding protein 3, interstitial (includes former D10S64, D10S65, D10S66)) [RBP3]
Alleles: A2, B2, A1, A2, A2, A2, B2, B2, B2, A1, A1, A1, A1, A1, A1, A2, A2, A2, B1, B1, B2, C1, D1, D2, A1, A2, A3, C2, A1, A1, A1, A1, A1, A1, A1, A1, A1, A2, A2, A2, A2, A2, A2, A2, A2, A2, B1, B1, B1, B1, B1, B1, B2, B2, B2, C1, C1, C1, D1, D1, D1, D2, D2, D2, A1, A1, A1, A2, A2, A2, A3, A3, A3, C2, C2, C2
Insert Size (kb) 22.800
Biosafety Level 1

Biosafety classification is based on U.S. Public Health Service Guidelines, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their facilities comply with biosafety regulations for their own country.

Shipping Information Distributed: freeze-dried bacteria-free lysate
Restriction digests of the clone give the following sizes (kb): SalI--20.0, 9.2, 7.6, 7.0; BamHI/SalI--20.0, 9.2, 6.6, 3.8, 3.1, 1.0; HindIII--22.0, 12.0, 4.2, 2.8, 2.1, 0.6; KpnI--18.0, 16.0, 7.6, 1.7, 1.5; SmaI--20.0, 14.0, 6.0, 4.4.
Restriction digests of the clone give the following sizes (kb): BamHI/SalI--6.6, 3.8, 3.1, 1.0 (insert), 20.0, 9.2 (vector).
The insert contains a SalI site.
Detects the same polymorphism as cTBIRBP-9 (ATCC 59986-59987).
Detection of the TaqI polymorphism was verified.
Subcloned from YAC IR244.
Enzyme(s) not detecting polymorphism: BamHI, BglII, EcoRI, HindIII, MspI, PstI (in a panel of 6 individuals).

Howe JR, et al. New YAC-derived polymorphic markers linked to the MEN-IIa locus on chromosome 10. Am. J. Hum. Genet. 47: A184, 1990.

Helen Donis-Keller, personal communication