B2EE-2.0 (ATCC® 61490)

Organism: Homo sapiens, human  /  Clone Type: Clone  /  Depositors: R Baer

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Designations B2EE-2.0
Species Homo sapiens, human
Depositors R Baer
Construct size (kb): 4.699999809265137
DNA: genomic
Insert lengths(kb): 2.0
Tissue: T-acute lymphocytic leukemia T-lymphocyte
Gene product: T-cell acute lymphocytic leukemia 1 (NOTE: redefinition of symbol)(T cell lymphoma 5, helix-loop-helix protein tal-1, 34 kDa) [TAL*]
Insert Size (kb) 2.0
Media ATCC® Medium 1227: LB Medium (ATCC medium 1065) with 50 mcg/ml ampicillin
Biosafety Level 1

Biosafety classification is based on U.S. Public Health Service Guidelines, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their facilities comply with biosafety regulations for their own country.

Shipping Information Distributed: freeze-dried
Restriction digests of the clone give the following sizes (kb): EcoRI--2.8, 2.0; HindIII--4.7; BamHI--4.7; PstI--4.7; SalI--4.7.
The translocation breakpoint on chromosome 14 in the 2 patients characterized occurred either immediately upstream of Ddelta2-Jdelta1 sequences or within Jdelta1 sequences of the T cell receptor.
The insert is derived from sequences adjacent to or involved in translocations in 2 T-ALL patients t(1;14)(p32;q11) and retained on the der(1) chromosome.

Chen Q, et al. The tal gene undergoes chromosme translocation in T cell leukemia and potentially encodes a helix-loop-helix protein. EMBO J. 9: 415-424, 1990. PubMed: 2303035