Schizoplasmodiopsis vulgare Olive et Stoianovitch (ATCC® PRA-158)

Strain Designations: SVHHPBPB3604-1  /  Depositor: L Lindley-Settlemyre  /  Biosafety Level: 1

Strain Designations SVHHPBPB3604-1
Biosafety Level 1
Oklahoma, United States
Type Strain no
Growth Conditions
Duration: xenic; a melange of bacteria used as food source
Name of Depositor L Lindley-Settlemyre
Special Collection eumycetozoan

Olive LS, Stoianovitch C. The protostelid genus Schizoplasmodiopsis. Mycologia 67: 1087-1100, 1975.

Spiegel FW, Feldman J. Fruiting body ultrastructure in the protostelid Schizoplasmodiopsis vulgare. Mycologia 85: 894-897, 1993.

leaf litter from below pond water surface