Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Panel 1; Basal-Like Morphology (ATCC® TCP-1001)

Organism: Homo sapiens, human  / 

Organism Homo sapiens, human
HCC1599, ATCC CRL-2331
HCC1937, ATCC CRL-2336
HCC1143, ATCC CRL-2321
MDA-MB-468, ATCC HTB-132
HCC38, ATCC CRL-2314
HCC70, ATCC CRL-2315
HCC1806, ATCC CRL-2335
HCC1187, ATCC CRL-2322
DU4475, ATCC HTB-123
Biological understanding of top genetic alterations across tumor types
Validation and characterization of potential cancer driver genes
Functional profiling and molecular profiling of subtype-specific cancer cell lines
Testing small molecules or biologics for cancer drug development
Type Strain no
Biosafety Level 1
A panel of 9 triple-negative breast tumor cell lines sharing a basal-like morphology. See J Clinical Inv (2011) 121(7):2750-2767 for more information.
Product Format frozen
Storage Conditions LN vapor (less than -130°C) only