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Next-Generation Biological Models: Revolutionizing Cancer Research

Tumors are diverse, complex structures. That’s why we need next generation of cancer models that account for these complexities. Watch this video to discover how ATCC and the Human Cancer Models Initiative aim to transform cancer research by bringing the scientific community hundreds of patient-derived cancer models such as organoids.


Advanced Cancer Models

ATCC is dedicated to providing a wide variety of advanced cancer models such as patient-derived organoids, CRISPR/Cas9-edited cells, and luciferase reporter cell lines. Find the most physiologically relevant models that accelerate your cancer research and drug discovery.

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Poster Sessions: AACR Annual Meeting 2019

ATCC is constantly producing novel advanced and precise models that expedite research and development. Explore our latest scientific poster presentations to learn what ATCC R&D scientists are doing to make incredible models for cancer research and drug discovery.

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