Pasteurella aerogenes McAllister and Carter (ATCC® 27883)

Strain Designations: P-172-71  /  Type Strain: yes  /  Biosafety Level: 2

Strain Designations P-172-71
Quality control strain
Swine intestine
Biosafety Level 2

Biosafety classification is based on U.S. Public Health Service Guidelines, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their facilities comply with biosafety regulations for their own country.

Product Format freeze-dried
Preceptrol® no
Type Strain yes (type strain)
Medium ATCC® Medium 44: Brain Heart Infusion Agar/Broth
Growth Conditions
Temperature: 37.0°C
Name of Depositor HA McAllister
Swine intestine

McAllister HA, Carter GR. An aerogenic Pasteurella-like organism recovered from swine. Am. J. Vet. Res. 35: 917-922, 1974. PubMed: 4601936

Skerman VB, et al. Approved lists of bacterial names. Int J Syst Bacteriol 30: 225-420, 1980.

type strain

type strain

Cross References

Nucleotide (GenBank) : M75048 Pasteurella aerogenes 16S small subunit ribosomal RNA gene sequence.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : U66491 Pasteurella aerogenes ATCC 27883T 16S ribosomal RNA (rrs) gene, complete sequence.