Reliablue™ Cell Viability Reagent (ATCC® 30-1014)

Product Format 25 mL; liquid, 2500 assays
Storage Conditions 2° to 8°C in the dark
Applications Assessment of cell viability, cytotoxicity, metabolism, and proliferation.
Biosafety Level 1

Biosafety classification is based on U.S. Public Health Service Guidelines, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their facilities comply with biosafety regulations for their own country.

Quality Control Specifications
 Test* Specification 
Sterility (fungi, yeast, bacteria)  No growth
Mycoplasma contamination  None detected
pH  7.5 ± 0.05
Osmolality  276 ±10 mOsm/Kg
Cell culture test  Linear signal across a 1000-fold range of cells

*Please consult the Certificate of Analysis for lot-specific test results

Functional Testing Reliablue™ is performance tested to generate a linear fluorescent signal across a 1000-fold range of adherent mammalian cells.
Basic Documentation
Other Documentation
  1. Reliablue Reagent ATCC 30-1014 recommended temperature

    If stored at 2-8°C, it is not necessary to wait until Reliablue Reagent ATCC® 30-1014 ™  has reached room temperature before use.

    Date Updated: 6/29/2017
  2. Reliablue Reagent ATCC 30-1014 cell plating

    Date Updated: 6/29/2017

  3. Reliablue Reagent ATCC 30-1014 in presence of serum

    Yes, FBS at concentrations typically used in mammalian cell culture (≤10%) will not interfere with the assay.

    Date Updated: 6/29/2017
  4. Reliablue Reagent ATCC 30-1014 - multiplexed

    Date Updated: 6/29/2017

  5. Reliablue Reagent ATCC 30-1014 performance
    No, the Reliablue Reagent can be frozen without loss of performance. Thaw the solution in a 37°C water bath for 2 hours, shake well, and then filter using a 0.2 micron sterile filter membrane...
    Date Updated: 6/29/2017
  6. Reliablue Reagent ATCC 30-1014 3D culture applications

    Date Updated: 6/29/2017

  7. Reliablue Reagent ATCC 30-1014 in 384-well format
    Yes, follow the standard protocol of adding 10% (v/v) Reliablue Reagent ATCC® 30-1014 ™  to each well. For example, if the well contains 25 uL add 2.5 uL Reliablue Reagent.  
    Date Updated: 6/29/2017
  8. Reliablue Reagent ATCC 30-1014 - media

    No, phenol red at concentrations commonly used in cell culture media does not interfere with the assay.

    Date Updated: 6/29/2017
  9. Reliablue Reagent ATCC 30-1014 signal sensitivity

    The fluorescent signal is more sensitive however for some applications colorimetric measurement may be sufficient.

    Date Updated: 6/29/2017
  10. Reliablue Reagent ATCC 30-1014 toxicity to cells

    Date Updated: 6/29/2017

  11. Reliablue Reagent ATCC 30-1014 - assay plate storing

    Date Updated: 6/29/2017

  12. Reliablue Reagent ATCC 30-1014 comparison to MTT/XTT

    Date Updated: 6/29/2017