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ATCC-One Codex Partnership

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Scientists can rapidly analyze digital, bioinformational assets

Alliance launches ATCC microbiome portfolio and ATCC Genome Portal

Sometimes business collaborations work so well they evolve and grow in ways you couldn’t have imagined. That certainly has been the case in our partnership with One Codex, the world’s largest microbial genomics reference database that provides microbiome sequencing and analysis.

One Codex, which was recently acquired by Invitae, a medical genetics company, has been instrumental in helping us launch two key ATCC initiatives – the ATCC Microbiome Standards portfolio and the ATCC Genome Portal.

Microbiome portfolio benefits from simple One Codex analysis

Our relationship with One Codex began in 2017 when we were in the process of launching our microbiome product line. A small startup at the time, One Codex was gaining attention with its easy-to-use microbiome analysis platform. Metagenomic analysis can be complicated and often involves large datasets, but One Codex simplifies the process with its intuitive interface and provides customers with a rapid, cost-effective way to analyze microbiome data.

Customers log onto the One Codex platform, import their microbiome data sets, and receive a comprehensive analysis of their samples in as little as a few minutes. As we prepared to launch our Microbiome Research Solutions portfolio, we took notice of One Codex because we wanted to provide easy-to-use analytical support for our own customers. As a result, we began our partnership with One Codex. Today, ATCC customers are able to analyze both their shotgun and 16S rRNA data quickly and accurately while eliminating the biases associated with data analysis.

ATCC Genome Portal takes off with One Codex

More than a year after developing our initial partnership, we started working on the ATCC Genome Portal. We realized that the daily personal connection and trust we’d built with Nick Greenfield, One Codex founder and CEO, would serve us in this endeavor, as well. We began developing the project together and successfully launched the ATCC Genome Portal in the fall of 2019.

One Codex actively works on maintaining the ATCC Genome Portal, a publicly available database of reference-quality genome sequences matched to authenticated ATCC biological materials that will help researchers interpret and reproduce their results with confidence.

Researchers can download high-quality genome sequences for use in bioinformatic analyses, view annotated data, and search for genomes using their own data. The ATCC Genome Portal launched with an initial 250 genome sequences of widely used bacterial strains and has grown to more than 1,200 that now include viral strains and a growing number of fungal genomes. We continuously update the ATCC Genome Portal on a monthly basis with additional genomes as they become available.

Partnership represents innovative vision

Our partnership with One Codex has elevated the quality of services we offer scientists worldwide. It embodies our vision of serving as a partner of choice, constantly innovating to fulfill our customers’ unmet needs to support them in advancing their vital research.