ATCC Licensed Derivative

Join the ATCC Licensed Derivative Program (LDP)
ATCC Licensed DerivativeAs a not-for-profit biological resource center, ATCC authenticates, stores and distributes biological materials such as cell lines and microorganisms. In the past, companies have purchased ATCC materials and included them as part of a commercially available product, a use that falls outside the scope of ATCC's Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).

Normally, products distributed by ATCC are highly characterized and authenticated to verify the identity and quality of the materials for the recipients. However, since ATCC cannot know the specific details of how its materials were handled and manipulated during manufacture of a product containing ATCC ingredients, the organization can no longer be sure that ATCC materials contained within the product maintain the same quality and safety.

By joining the ATCC Licensed Derivative Program (LDP), companies agree to maintain the integrity of the ATCC ingredient and allow ATCC to verify the quality of the ingredient before it reaches end-users. In return, the ATCC Licensed Derivative emblem assures customers of the quality of the ATCC ingredient contained in the product.

The ATCC Licensed Derivative emblem signifies ATCC-derived products are endorsed by the organization. Products displaying the emblem are the only ones for which the quality of the ATCC ingredient can be properly assured. ATCC does not endorse products including ATCC ingredients from companies that are not members of the LDP program.

Companies wishing to place the ATCC LDP emblem on a product they plan to market and sell must have a biological materials and trademark license from ATCC. The process to acquire such a license involves a review and audit process by ATCC that must be acceptable before license negotiations can move forward. Companies must meet certain criteria to participate in the program.

For information about the ATCC Licensed Derivative program, contact our Intellectual Property, Licensing and Services Department.

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