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Mycoplasma Quality Control

Protect your continuous cell lines

Mycoplasma contamination constitutes a serious concern for cell culturists as they are a common cause of cell line contamination and frequently go unnoticed due to the lack of obvious symptoms. These silent contaminants can affect almost all aspects of cell physiology, which can damage the quality of your research materials and compromise the credibility of your data. Your research is too important to risk—get your cells tested today.

At ATCC we are committed to keeping your cell lines safe, which is why we provide the tools and services needed to test your cells. Browse our resources below to get started.

Build Your Own Assay

Want to develop your own PCR-based assay? ATCC has the tools you need! We provide titered strains for assay development and quantitative DNA for assay validation.

Build your assay

Validate your assay

Try Our Detection Kit

Need a quick and sensitive way to detect mycoplasma in your lab? Try our Universal Mycoplasma Detection Kit. We provide the components and protocols you need to detect over 60 species of mycoplasma.

Order the kit

Send Us Your Samples

Don’t have time to test your cell lines? Let the experts in mycoplasma detection handle it. With our PCR-based Mycoplasma Testing Service, you will receive rapid and accurate results in 3-5 business days!

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