iPSC Research Resources

ATCC provides numerous examples of human inducible pluripotent stem cell lines (iPSC) designed to support physiologically relevant, in vitro research in regenerative medicine.

ATCC iPSCs are derived by episomal, retroviral, or Sendai viral reprogramming. After gaining pluripotent status, the iPSCs may then be induced to differentiate into many different cell types. To aid in the study of differentiation, tissue repair, disease pathogenesis, as well as drug discovery and development, ATCC has acquired and authenticated a growing array of iPSCs, including those representing:

  • Differing reprogramming methods
  • Ethnic diversity
  • Gender diversity
  • Down syndrome
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Cystic fibrosis
    • These high-quality, authenticated materials are backed by meticulous quality control procedures, making them ideal as reference standards for physiologically relevant, in vitro research. 

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      Pluripotent Stem Cell SFM XF/FF is a complete medium that is serum-free and xeno-free.  The formulation supports iPSCs without the need for feeder cells. Each lot of Pluripotent Stem Cell SFM XF/FF is tested for pH, osmolality, endotoxins, and sterility.  The medium is also functionally tested with human iPSCs to ensure that pluripotency is maintained.

      • Ready-to-use (no multiple components)
      • Feeder-free
      • Easily replace feeder-dependent systems

       Pluripotent Stem Cell Medium


      ATCC has numerous products geared towards successful stem cell culture, including high quality stem cells, feeder cells, media, and a gel substrate. Browse our collection of stem cell resources, then use the left-hand navigation tool to search for products by cell type, tissue type, or pathology.

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      Transfection reagents

      Stem cell culture reagents and media

      Mouse embryonic stem cells

      Feeder cells

      Ethnic and Gender Diversity iPSCs

      In response to the need for equivalents of various ethnic and gender groups for standard controls, disease modeling, as well as drug discovery and development, ATCC offers male and female CD34+ iPSCs from diverse ethnic groups. Currently, iPSCs from Caucasian, African American, and Hispanic origin are available; Asian-derived iPSCs are coming soon. These zero-footprint iPSCs are highly characterized and have been extensively tested to confirm their undifferentiated state. Search for ethnic and gender diverse iPSCs here:

      Ethnic and Gender Diversity iPSCs