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Transfection Tools

Transfection reagents introduce nucleic acid constructs into eukaryotic cells for protein synthesis and the overexpression of mutant DNA constructs.

ATCC transfection reagents may be used for the transfer of nucleic acids for a variety of applications, including protein expression and the overexpression of mutant genes. Our transfection reagents are cationic lipid-based; because of their positive charge, these transfection reagents interact with the negatively charged backbone of nucleic acids and cell membranes. This effect, coupled with the hydrophobic nature of the associated lipids, allows the cationic lipid-DNA complex to be transported into eukaryotic cells. ATCC offers:

  • TransfeX™ for adherent cultures
  • GeneXPlus for suspension cultures
  • Tailored transfection protocols for hard-to-transfect cells 
  • Cell lines selected for high transfectability 

These exceptional transfection reagents, combined with ATCC's technical know-how, will enable your transcriptional and translational gene studies. Select the transfection reagent for your model system below.

Transfecting suspension cultures

GeneXPlus Transfection Reagent

GeneXPlus Transfection Reagent is designed to efficiently transfect a broad spectrum of cell types. GeneXPlus displays high transfection efficiency with low cytotoxicity in suspension cells such as HEK-293T/SF and THP-1, as well as difficult-to-transfect cell lines such as RAW 264.7 and SH-SY5Y.

Transfecting adherent cultures

TransfeX™ Transfection Reagent

TransfeX™ Transfection Reagent has been optimized for use on a wide range of cell types, including cells that are generally difficult to transfect, such as hTERT immortalized cell lines, primary cells, and stem cells. TransfeX™ has been optimized for transfection efficiency, low cytotoxicity, reliability, and scalability.

Transfection Selection Guide

Transfection Reagents for ATCC Cell Lines

ATCC cells have been a key component of genetic research applications for decades. ATCC offers a line of transfection reagents tailored for effective nucleic acid transfer into a wide variety of cells for a multitude of applications. Download our free selection guide to learn more.