Tools for Clinical Research

Clinical samples vary – your controls don’t have to! Trust ATCC reference materials for the development and verification of rapid and reliable diagnostic tools.

Clinical research is vital in the development of new and better ways to accurately detect genetic, hereditary, and infectious diseases. To aid in this endeavor, ATCC offers a number of reference materials that can be used to determine the sensitivity and specificity of molecular- and culture-based diagnostic tools.

ATCC microbial strains, cell lines, and nucleic acids provide you with the reliability of fully authenticated and characterized reference materials for the development and evaluation of dependable tools for clinical research. Let ATCC help you strengthen your clinical research today!

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Microbial Panels

ATCC® Microbial Panels enable quick and insightful choices when selecting cultures for the development and evaluation of tools for clinical research. Each panel comprises ATCC Genuine Cultures® grouped together based on their utility in infectious disease, including multidrug resistance, drug testing, and respiratory, enteric, and vector-borne disease research.

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Tumor Cell Panels

ATCC® Tumor Cell Panels comprise authenticated, well-characterized cell lines annotated with details regarding known mutations, enabling intelligent choices when selecting cell-based research models. Each panel is carefully designed based on the tissue of tumor origin or by the genetic mutation, creating a powerful tool for cancer research and drug discovery.

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ATCC® Genuine Nucleics

ATCC® Genuine Nucleics represent the largest and most diverse collection of fully authenticated genomic, synthetic, and certified reference materials for use in molecular-based assays, quality control, and assay development. Each preparation is supported by stringent quality control analyses to ensure product identity, stability, quantity, and functionality.

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