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  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae Meyen ex E.C. Hansen (ATCC® 9080)

    ATCC® Number: 9080

    Deposited As Saccharomyces carlsbergensis Hansen
    Alternate State: Saccharomyces anamensisWill et Heinrich; Saccharomyces hienipiensis Santa Maria; Saccharomyces steineri var. hara; Saccharomyces batatae Saito; Saccharomyces aceti Santa Maria; Saccharomyces capensis van der Walt et Tscheuschner; Saccharomyces chevalieri Guilliermond; Saccharomyces gaditensis Santa Maria; Saccharomyces cordubensisSanta Maria;Saccharomyces italicus Castelli
    Designation: 4228 [ATCC 24904, ATCC 46991, BI CZAS 0323/1, CBS 2354, CCRC 20855, CCY 48-76, DBVPG 6248, DSM 70424, IFO 0565, NCYC 74, NRRL Y-1089, VKM-366, VKPM Y-830, VTT C-66065]
    Product Format: freeze-dried

    For-Profit:   $235.00 Non-Profit:   $199.75

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    Alpha-glucosidase synthesis
    NADH oscillations
    Spatio-temporal organization
    Induction of giant cells
    Sterol synthesis
    Does not carry 2 micron DNA plasmid.
    Genetics and biochemistry
    Oscillation in glycolysis
    Type Strain: no
    Biological Safety Level: 1
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