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By Identifier

  • Aureobasidium pullulans (de Bary) Arnaud (ATCC® 9348)

    ATCC® Number: 9348

    Deposited As Pullularia pullulans (de Bary) Berkhout
    Alternate State: Candida malicola Clark et Wallace, anamorph; Pullularia pullulans (de Bary) Berkhout, anamorph; Hormiscium gelatinosum Hedgcock, anamorph; Pullularia fermentans Wynne et Gott var. fermentans, anamorph
    Designation: F-44 [CBS 621.80, DSM 2404, IMI 145194, QM 3090]
    Product Format: freeze-dried

    For-Profit:   $235.00 Non-Profit:   $199.75

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    Comments: The DNA barcode sequences indicate that this fungus is close to Aureobasidium pullulans var. melanogenum (= A. melanigenum).
    Type Strain: no
    Biological Safety Level: 1
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