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  • Skeletal Muscle Differentiation Tool (ATCC® PCS-950-050)

    ATCC® Number: PCS-950-050

    Quantity: 100 mL
    Applications: Differentiation of Human Primary Skeletal Muscle Cells (ATCC PCS-950-010) into fused multinucleated myotubes.

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    Product Format: frozen 100 mL
    Comments: The Skeletal Muscle Differentiation Tool is a single component media for the differentiation of Primary Skeletal Muscle Cells (ATCC PCS-950-010). Muscle Cells can be expanded in vitro with complete media (Mesenchymal Stem Cell Media, ATCC PCS-500-030, and Skeletal Muscle Growth Kit, ATCC PCS-950-040) before final differentiation into Skeletal Muscle Cells.
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