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The ATCC Virology Collection has more than 2,000 viruses and associated reagents, including type strains from different host species. Our seed stock system ensures that every preparation made by ATCC is as close as possible to the original culture deposit.
Pink influenza virus

Purified Viruses

High-titer, purified viruses quantified by ddPCR for assay development, basic research, and screening studies.

Synthetic Viral Nucleic Acids

How do you research viruses that don’t grow in vitro? You go straight to ATCC synthetic nucleic acids. Now featuring Dengue, Norovirus, and West Nile Virus!
Viral Nucleic Acids

Viral Nucleic Acids

Nucleic acids from ATCC can save you the time and expense of isolating DNA yourself. Viral nucleic acids in the form of RNA and DNA from infected cells or allantoic fluid are available for use in a variety of applications.
DNA strands

Genomic DNA from Cloned Viruses

ATCC offers plasmid clones of many viral genomes from both animal and plant viruses. Applications for this DNA include use as positive controls, hybridization probes, or templates for amplification.
Influenza virus, Dr. FA Murphy

Influenza Research Materials

Major disease outbreaks are associated with circulation of influenza virus types A and B in the human population. ATCC offers a number of examples of each virus type from a variety of sources, grown in chicken embryos and tissue culture.
Adenovirus, Dr. G. William Gary, Jr.

Adenovirus Reference Standard Materials

Human adenovirus and AAV preparations can be used to calibrate the infectious titer and particle concentration of your laboratory's adenoviral and AAV vector controls.
Coronavirus SARS, Dr. Fred Murphy and Sylvia Whitfield, CDC

Coronavirus Research Materials

To support your coronavirus research, ATCC offers strains isolated from a range of species and the cell lines needed to cultivate them.
Chlamydia trachomatis

Chlamydia and Rickettsia

As obligate intracellular pathogens, Chlamydia and Rickettsia cultures are maintained by the ATCC Animal Virology Collection. They are useful for research related to pathogenesis, epidemiology, rapid detection and drug development.
isolated antibodies

Antisera and Monoclonal Antibodies

Immunological reagents to many viral agents are also available through the Virology Collection, including neutralizing antisera for strain typing and monoclonal antibodies.

Animal Viruses (Alphanumeric)

Search a wide selection of cultures alphanumerically.

Bacteriophages (Alphanumeric)

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Plant Viruses (Alphanumeric)

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