XTT Cell Proliferation Assay Kit

  • XTT Cell Proliferation Assay Kit (ATCC® 30-1011K)

    ATCC® Number: 30-1011K

    Quantity: 1000 assays
    Storage: -20°C in the dark

    A convenient system used to measure cell growth and drug sensitivity in tumor cell lines.

    Tetrazolium salts have been widely used as detection reagents for many years in histochemical localization studies and cell biology assays (1,2). The second generation tetrazolium dye, XTT, can be effectively used in cell proliferation, cytotoxicity, and apoptosis assays (2,3,4). XTT is reduced to a soluble, brightly colored orange derivative by a mix of cellular effectors. The sensitivity of an XTT assay is greatly improved by the usage of an intermediate electron carrier, PMS (N-methyl dibenzopyrazine methyl sulfate). PMS helps drive XTT reduction and the formation of its formazan derivative.

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    Product Format: frozen 1000 assays
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